Name: Yemi
Age: 23
Hates: Popping sounds and rude people.
Loves: MMOVR and her bike.

Yemi escapes the RW (Real World) by hooking up to the MMOVR (Massive Mulitplayer Online Virtual Reality), VR for short.

In VR she is a pop star and attracts thousands to her VR concerts. When she is disconnected, she lives in a single room apartment breathing low-grade O2.

Stumbling upon a dead body near a police outpost, Yemi finds a HiREZ chip. She escapes without being noticed and takes HiREZ to her friend, Maur. He hooks her up to VR withe chip, yet it only screens a simple boot routine.

A few weeks later, Yemi is abducted at her one room flat by Black Suits and taken to a secret HQ in the woods. Her interrogators hook her to a VR, where she starts to feel the RW and VR world meld together. She blacks out---

Waking up, Yemi finds herself in the woods with blood on her hands. This is the beginning...

VR: Virtual Reality
RW: Real World
HiREZ: A high resolution chip of unknown origin.
Maur: One of Yemi's only RW friend.
Black Suits: A secret group known for trading weapons of mass destruction to banned countries around the world.

Now some art:




2013 SP